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Are you looking for a volleyball club for next season? Or are you looking for a sport that suits you or your child? Come and have a look at VOLEVO and train with us 3 times without obligation. We are a large club. As a result, there is a suitable team for every new member.

Interested in joining a training? Contact:

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  • With previous volleyball experience: the level and position of the past years.
  • Age of yourself or your child.


Registration as a member of volleybal club VOLEVO

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VOLEVO processes personal information in accordance with the applicable AVG legislation. Click here for our privacy policy. Do you have questions about the registration? Send an e-mail to

Click here to order a VOLEVO competition shirt with back number, shorts and VOLEVO sportswear/sports bags.


VOLEVO applies the following terms and conditions: VOLEVO payment terms and contribution refund policy. Do you have questions about the contribution or the use of the Ooievaarspas? Send an e-mail to

Seniors (adults): born before October 1, 2005  
Competition playing member, 1x training/week € 404,00
Competition playing member, 2x training/week € 368,00
Training member, 1x training/week € 286,00
Training member, 2x training/week € 322,00
Recreational & Retro’s € 219,00
Masters € 221,00
Youth + CMV N6: born on or after October 1, 2005 and before October 1, 2012  
Competition playing member € 301,00
Training member € 219,00
CMV N1-N5: born on or after October 1, 2012  
Competition playing member € 213,75
Sportspeeltuin: children from 2 to 6 years  
Member € 99,00
VolleyAll (recreational competition)  

Team (not per person):

Participation in VolleyAll is separate from any VOLEVO membership. Click on VolleyAll to register teams.

Registration per team € 60,00 per season

Per match: € 30,00


Terminate membership

Only a written cancellation to the membership administration is valid. You can cancel in writing by e-mail. You need to do this before June 1 of the current season. If you cancel on June 1 or later, you will have to pay a contribution for the entire upcoming season.

Mail your cancellation to the VOLEVO member administration via